Witness: A Story Of Courage And Hope

You Are The Light Of The World

Michael X Christopher
29 min readAug 12, 2021


pexels — Martin Pechy


“The party starts at 10 PM. So get ready.”

“Brian. I need you to pick up the alcohol.” I said. “Here is the cash.”

You see, I’m not yet 21. But soon enough. Then I can go to the bars without my fake ID. Brian says if I can get in the bars, I can get alcohol from a liquor store. Which may be true, but I’d rather not risk it. Why should I? When he is more than capable.

Tonight’s party was going to be huge. We are having a band perform. The pop punk band, One Shot. It’s not shot, like alcohol, but there will be plenty of that.

I live in the house with my friends Brian and Alex. Well, it’s complicated. You see, I’ve slept with both Brian and Alex, but I’m not technically with either of them.

I was looking forward to Travis, the drummer of One Shot, coming tonight. He’s super good looking. And plays the drums like a machine.

Brian took the cash and headed out to the liquor store. We still had five hours before the party kicked off. I told my friend Julia to come over earlier, so we could pregame.

Julia is my best friend, when she’s not strung out on heroin. I’m sorry but she needs to stop. What ever happened to just smoking pot and drinking alcohol.

I need to take a shower.


I need to score a bag. I need to score a bag. The come down off heroin is awful. I needed to get another fix. I texted Travis. He said he’d be at the party tonight, with the stuff.

I turned the lights off and threw myself on the bed, and wrapped the covers around me. Five more hours until the party started. But Heather had told me to come by earlier. I might show up around eight. Maybe Travis would be setting up his drums.

I currently lived with a man much older than me. He was my supplier. But he was gone for the weekend. Visiting family somewhere, or something. He hardly left me any supply. I used it all up and he wasn’t returning until Monday morning. It was Saturday night.

I tried calling him. To see if he left any supply at the house. He answered and told me to fuck off…



Michael X Christopher

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