Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain

Michael X Christopher
1 min readAug 4, 2020

Nothing to lose and everything to gain

They say it’s inside of my brain

The origin of all this pain

They call me insane

I never complain

Chaotic thoughts

I fear I’m lost

I swallow mountains of pills


To keep my mind aligned

Otherwise, I go on covert missions

It’s the end of the world

And I have to save every boy and girl

I give my best

Hoping I’m blessed

Learning to love myself

Listening to birds bathing in holy water

Every moment is divine

I’m reminded of the present moment

And the power of mindfulness

And the power of the mind

To make up stories

I wish I was still working for Gods glory

Please, don’t write me out of this story

There is victory in the blood of the lamb

There is victory for those held in his hand

There is a master plan

I surrender again

Admitting I know nothing

Nothing to lose

Everything to gain

Michael X Christopher

B.S. Biology. Thrive. Write. Repeat.