You Are The Light Of The World


“The party starts at 10 PM. So get ready.”

“Brian. I need you to pick up the alcohol.” I said. “Here is the cash.”

You see, I’m not yet 21. But soon enough. Then I can go to the bars without my fake ID. Brian says if I can…

A Story of Chance and Destiny

December 31

My eyes were glued to the six computer monitors on my desk, all displaying different stock symbols, charts, and market scanners. This was my life. 5 days a week. From 9:00AM to 4PM.

I had started two months ago. Trading equity options with the father of my friend…

Your story just wasn’t that interesting.

Medium writers love to talk about curation jail. I’m sorry. Excuse me. What?

You haven’t had a story curated yet, and you are in some sort of jail? I don’t get it. Instead of blaming medium, or the gods, why don’t you press on and work a little bit harder?

And all of these emotions are pouring out of me

It’s hard. We want to appear like we are well when really we are tormented inside. When someone asks me how I am, “I am great. I am chillen.” But, really, I am devastated. The walls are falling down all around me.

I keep going though, because I made a…

They say we burned so bright

Gut check. We are all going to die one day.

What matters is how we lived.

Did you live with passion?

Do you take crazy chances?

Why not?

What is stopping you?

If we really lived like we were going to die, we would take chances all the time.

Quit shooting from the foul line, aim for a three pointer. It doesn’t matter if you miss, keep shooting.

What do you want out of life?

Have you asked yourself that question yet?

I want…

With accuracy as high as 90 percent

What does that say about me? What does it say about my writing? Am I gifted? Not at all.

It took me awhile to figure this whole curation thing out, and I am here to share my insights with you.

To get started: It’s not about content. And its only partly about quality. So, then what is it? What determines is a story will be curated?

The biggest factor…

I’ve been writing for ten years.

If I knew how hard writing would be ten years ago, it’s safe to say, I never would have started.

But I was naive, and as I set out upon my first novel, I thought for sure, success was right around the corner.

Little did I know, that first book would take ten years, and many revisions, to finish.

And, after ten years, I finally began…

Thoughts on making the bet

I am a compulsive gambler. I know this. Yet, I still feel like I can gamble like regular people. You know, without it ruining my life.

What has gambling brought me thus far?


Still, I escape into the dream world of gambling. That’s exactly what it is. A temporary escape from the pressures of life. Temporary…

Passive income from medium and vocal

I am earning approximately $4 dollars a day. Some of it is while I sleep. And all of it is regardless of whether I am putting out new content.

I continue to earn money from stories I have already written, and as I write more, I continue to drive future…

M.X. Christopher

B.S. Biology. Thrive. Write. Repeat. Check out my novel, The Catalyst, out now at Amazon and found @

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